Discover Ultherapy with Dr. Stephen Lowe

Whilst there is no fighting the laws of time, Dr Stephen Lowe-a Sydney-based cosmetic physician and medical director of MUSE Clinic- is a firm believer that we shouldn’t let our natural features be obscured by how our skin changes as we age. He is a huge advocate for Ultherapy, the gold standard for non-invasive skin lifting treatment, which can help you rediscover your youthful features in under 90 minutes.

Q: Could you tell us more about yourself?

A: I have been a medical practitioner for 20 years and am passionate about achieving healthy, natural looking results through combinations of treatments. But I also love science, so every treatment I offer has to be backed up with good medical evidence. Treatments that stimulate the production of collagen at various layers of the face, form the cornerstone of all my management plans, so I recommend Ultherapy to most of my patients. I think it is so important to consider the ageing face in layers and have a treatment plan in place for each of those layers. In my opinion, when treatments are considered and planned out, the best results are achieved! I love when my treatments trigger a newfound inner confidence in my patients…this makes me immensely happy that I have added a little something to their life!

Q: Could you talk us through what Ultherapy is all about?

A: As we all age, we start to develop skin sagging and looseness. One of the best ways to restore a healthy and natural appearance is with Ultherapy. Patients often ask me “how does it work?” Ultherapy uses microfocused ultrasound for skin tightening and lifting, to create gradual and long-lasting improvements. Ultrasound technology has been used in medicine for decades, so we have confidence in its safety and effectiveness.

Q: How is Ultherapy different from other aesthetic procedures?

A: There are other skin tightening and lifting devices on the market, but if you ask me “is there anything better than Ultherapy?”, in my opinion, there isn’t! None of the other available devices have the same amount of scientific literature, published research and expert consensus opinions as Ultherapy. It’s been rated the ‘Gold Standard’ device for non-invasive lifting and skin tightening by a panel of experienced surgeons, dermatologists and aesthetic physicians, and we have over 90 published medical papers demonstrating how effective Ultherapy is along with its great safety profile. When I choose to offer my patients an aesthetic procedure, it’s imperative that safety is top of the list!

Q: What does Ultherapy do for the face specifically?

A: Ultherapy releases pulses of ultrasound energy under the skin surface which generates heat. This heat stimulates new collagen and new elastin production and these two proteins are vital for strong skin. Gradually over several weeks and months, a tightened and more lifted appearance is revealed. This helps to address the looseness and sagging and provides a skin lift.

Q: Ultherapy uses Real-Time Visualization (MFU-V). Could you explain what this means?

A: Real-Time Visualization allows us to see under the skin surface using our ultrasound technology, so we can constantly ensure each pulse of ultrasound energy is delivered with precision and safety, and exactly where we need it to get the very best results!

Q: Despite its effectiveness and safety standards, why do you think Ultherapy still isn’t more popular today?

A: Incredibly, some people have still never heard about Ultherapy! As we understand more about the ageing process, we start to realise that dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections alone are not sufficient to create really amazing, long-lasting, and natural-looking appearances. We need a plan to treat every layer of the aging face, from the skin surface to the bone and everything in between! This is where the effectiveness of Ultherapy comes in! Ultherapy can achieve so much: it can tighten skin without surgery, it can firm tissue without surgery…it can almost create a face lift without surgery! And with extensive research and medical publications to support its use, we can be confident that Ultherapy is safe and can deliver exceptional results. Sometimes people read online reviews about Ultherapy pain level and ask me “does it hurt?” I always tell my patients that I can make the treatment as comfortable as possible and that any short-term discomfort is worth it for the long-term gains.

Q: What are some of the extra efforts you take to convince new patients about Ultherapy?

A: I always spend time discussing all of the changes that are happening to our faces as we age. It isn’t just the line or wrinkle that we see in the mirror, but often a much more complex combination of deeper changes. That is why the best cosmetic results come from careful assessment and a solid plan for each of the aging layers of the face. I always focus my consultations on patient education. The more the patient understands what is happening to their ageing appearance, the more they understand the need to have a proper treatment plan. I don’t need to convince them to have an Ultherapy treatment…they have worked that out themselves! This is when I discuss what an Ultherapy treatment is and what Ultherapy does to start improving their appearance. It is an incredible non-surgical treatment that uses ultrasound energy to target the deeper layers of the face to stimulate new collagen production. In other words, Ultherapy is a skin tightening treatment and non-surgical face lifting treatment all in one!

Q: Is Ultherapy worth it?

A: In my opinion…100%. Come speak to me and let me demonstrate it to you!

All it takes is for patients to wait and see the magic happen in due course! Are you ready to experience for yourself the skin tightening revolution? Find out more about Ultherapy for yourself here.

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