The true danger
of counterfeits:

  • Potential injury when ultrasound energy is delivered too intensely or too close to the skin.
  • Ineffective results when the ultrasound energy is low or delivered too sporadically.

We are the only U.S. FDA-cleared1-3 and
CE-marked providers of non-surgical ultrasound treatment with real-time visualisation.

Make sure to verify that you are receiving an authentic Ultherapy® Treatment with a provider who has been trained and certified by Merz Aesthetics
or one of our authorised distributors.

Mark of Authencity

3 Ways to Identify the Authentic Ultherapy®


Ensure that you are receiving treatments from a certified Ultherapy® provider. These aesthetic physicians have all undergone stringent training and support from Merz Aesthetics or other authorised distributors.


Check to see that your treatment visualisation is in real-time. When the treatment device moves along your skin, the ultrasound image should display all the details of your skin in real-time. Counterfeit products usually feature only static images or generic ultrasound footages on loop.


Verify by requesting all the proofs of authenticity such as the official Ultherapy® seal, certificate and logo. For added assurance, make sure you receive your personal patient certificate of authenticity after your treatment. Below are the 4 main things to expect from all certified Ultherapy® providers and distributors.

Don’t be fooled by a Fake

Ultherapy® Authenticity Emblem

Ultherapy® Patient
Certificate of Authenticity

Ultherapy® Clinic Certificate
of Authenticity

Ultherapy® Seal of Authenticity

#Real Matters To Me

The word “Real” holds a different meaning to different people. It could be a feeling, a moment, or something else entirely. But beyond everything, does “Real” matter? Here’s what the experts have to say.

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